Building Foundations, Not Fences

Resources and notes related to the "Building Foundations, Not Fences" sermon series (Oct - Nov 2022)

  • Oct 16 - Racism
  • Oct 23 - Class / Finances
  • Oct 30 - Politics (Part 1)
  • Nov 6 - Politics (Part 2)
  • Nov 13 - Marriage
  • Nov 20 - Gender

General Notes and Resources for the Sermon Series

Wait a second! Fences aren't bad...are they??

  • Boundaries can be a good gift. The Bible draws key boundaries for many issues, and spiritual wisdom can lead us to develop boundaries.
  • “Fences” in this sermon series are topics that divide us or topics we refuse to engage.
  • When raising kids or living in culture, we can either draw legalistic, rigid fences, or (a better option) we can develop a strong, biblical foundation to live faithfully in a chaotic world.
  • Fences tend to make us reactionary toward issues, unwilling to learn from others, and even quick to demonize those on the other side of the fence.

Building a Foundation

  • Foundations promote wisdom, stability, and humility.
  • Foundations help us avoid an approach driven by buzzwords or cultural talking points.
  • A strong foundation allows us to be discerning, without becoming bitter or antagonistic.

General Books and Resources (***With all books and resources for this sermon series, we can't endorse and don't agree with every point made in each book. Readers should always use discernment. The resources given on this website provide some helpful starting points and perspectives.)

  • "The Secular Creed: Engaging Five Contemporary Claims" by Rebecca McLaughlin (*highly recommended)
  • "Counter Culture: Following Christ in an Anti-Christian Age" by David Platt
  • "Chasing Sanity" - 2022 sermon series from Champion Forest Baptist Church (Jarrett Stephens, et al)

Biblical / Theological Foundation

  • Genesis 1 -3
  • Three Circles (Creation/God's Design; Fall/Brokenness; Redemption/Gospel)