Building Foundations, Not Fences - Money, Class, and the Mission of God

Week 2 Resources - Money, Class, and the Mission of God

International Mission Board (key information about missions and giving impact)

Blog with a list of Top 10 Christian Stewardship Books

  • *Solid list of options

Blog with a list of Top 20 Christian Stewardship Websites

  • *A list of websites like this obviously comes with a major caveat that not every site will have the same quality of material or teaching; but the blog is helpful because it summarizes some of the options available (from an author who writes about money from a Christian perspective)

Well-Known Christian Programs about Finances

  • Financial Peace (usually offered at Emmaus in the Spring semester on Wednesday nights)
  • Crown Financial Resources

Week 2 Sermon Notes - Money, Class, and the Mission of God

Building Foundations, Not Fences

Week 2 // Money and and the Mission of God

1 Timothy 6:3-10, 17-19

Financial Fences

  • In our heart!
  • In families, businesses, and politics
  • Between rich and poor
  • Within churches/mission groups

Building a Biblical Foundation for Finances

  • Key Passages
  • Genesis 1-12
  • Law and Prophets
  • Proverbs
  • Matthew 6; Mark 12; Luke 8
  • Acts 2, 4; 2 Corinthians 8-9
  • 1 Timothy 6
  • Theological Principles
  • Everything we have is from God, everything we have is for God.
  • Stewardship extends beyond money to our use of time, talents, and creation.
  • Sin leads to Division and Greed.
  • Jesus taught faith-filled generosity and gave His life for us.
  • Possessions are ultimately temporary, but they can bring joy, serve others, and extend the Gospel message   

Living with a Biblical Foundation for Finances 

  1. Be a Manager
  2. Humility - Life and Possessions are temporary
  3. Hard Work
  4. Start with what you have, not what you don't have.
  5. With Margin
  6. Biblical Wisdom
  7. Counter-Cultural
  8. Control, not being controlled or living with chaos
  9. Live open-handed, with flexibility 
  10. On Mission
  11. Proclaim and Display Jesus
  12. Give & Go // Neighbors & Nations
  13. Pray: “What will I give?”
  14. Pray: “Where will I go?”
  • **Prayer walk your neighborhood
  • **Emmaus Missions Prayer Team

West Property at Emmaus

  • Prioritize connections and evangelism 
  • Reach kids and families
  • Value of outdoor space