Building Foundations, Not Fences - Politics Week 1 (God and Government; Jesus and Politics)

Week 3 & 4 Resources - Jesus and Politics

Good Faith Debates: Modeling Disagreement with Civility - 

  • These videos, produced by The Gospel Coalition, demonstrate how Christians can dialogue respectfully with one another about key issues (gun control, race, pro-life agenda) without having to come to the exact same conclusion.
  • In Fall 2022, our Wednesday night men's small group used these videos for discussion and to prompt Bible study and prayer.

Truth over Tribe interview with David French -

  • David French is a First Amendment lawyer and committed Christian who writes and podcasts frequently about faith and politics.
  • Truth over Tribe provides a podcast and resources seeking to unite Christians across party lines. Their group is probably a little further left on some issues than most people within our church, but they seem to approach questions from an orthodox, thoughtful perspective.
  • The interview with David French is especially helpful, because it summarizes some key points about recent political developments and how Christians might respond.

Jonathan Leeman article (excerpt from upcoming book)

  • Leeman has written previously about political theology and church governance.
  • This article is pretty technical when it comes to political terminology and concepts, but it lays out an important viewpoint for those seeking to navigate the current political climate.

Bart Barber "60 Minutes" interview - 

  • In October 2022, Anderson Cooper interview Bart Barber, the 2022 President of the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Though Christians might disagree with certain elements of Barber's answers, the interview is a solid example of someone providing a Christian testimony in response to questions about hard issues.

Jesus Outside the Lines: A Way Forward for Those Who Are Tired of Taking Sides, by Scott Sauls

  • This book probably belongs under the "general resources" heading for this sermon series, but I've included it here because Sauls uses the topic of politics to set the stage for how Christians can engage various issues with wisdom and grace.
  • He has complementary book to this one, called A Gentle Answer: Our 'Secret Weapon' in an Age of Us Against Them.

Before You Vote: Seven Questions Every Christian Should Ask, by David Platt

  • Platt wrote this book before the 2020 election.
  • Several resources exist for those preparing to vote; but if you don't have a starting point, this short book is a great option.

Not In It to Win It: Why Choosing Sides Sidelines the Church, by Andy Stanley

  • I recognize that Andy Stanley is not well-received in some Christian circles (and you'll find elements within this book with which to disagree). In this book, though, he addresses some of his statements from the past, and more importantly, diagnoses the deep divisions within the church over the past few years.
  • Stanley draws on church history, on Paul's New Covenant focus, and especially on Jesus' life and teachings to show how Christians can love one another and make disciples of all nations, without allowing politics to divide and distract them from their mission.

When Leaders Matter: How Civility, Integrity, and the Leaders We Need Are Possible, by Joel Harder

  • Joel is the founder and president of Oklahoma Capitol Culture and Chaplain of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Week 3 Sermon Notes - God and Government; Jesus and Politics

Building Foundations, Not Fences

Week 3 // Jesus and Politics (Part 1) 

1 Timothy 2:1-4; Romans 13:1-7

Political Fences

  • Voting - character and policy
  • Churches - dividing into groups based on political affiliation 
  • Media and Financial Interests 
  • Good desires, imperfect process


  • Politics vs Polarized Partisanship
  • Politics - doing the work that is required to form and maintain a common life together (K. Schiess)

Building a Foundation for Politics

  • Key Passages
  • Genesis 1-12
  • God's Sovereignty over Creation and Humanity's "Imago Dei" Stewardship of Creation
  • Sin’s Chaos - from snakes to giants
  • Empires - violence, pride, wealth, sexuality, mistreatment of vulnerable
  • Calling of Abram - God will shape a nation to bless all people
  • Israel and the Nations
  • Israel failed to trust and obey God
  • Human kings over Israel failed
  • The people were divided
  • Nations (Assyria, Babylon, Greeks, Rome) ruled and corrupted Israel
  • Many people today see America as either Israel or Babylon...neither is perfectly true.
  • Jesus the Messiah
  • Many people hoped for a Military/Political Ruler
  • Jesus was political…just not in the way the people wanted 
  • Jesus is King, not Herod
  • Jesus is Lord, not Caesar
  • Jesus' Teaching
  • Mark 10:42-45
  • Mark 12:17
  • John 18:36
  • The Source, Goals, and Means of Jesus' Kingdom are Different
  • Jesus' Kingdom is "Already/Not Yet"
  • Early Church
  • Multi-ethnic and Multi-national
  • Exiles and strangers in the world
  • Citizenship is in Heaven
  • Jesus will return to judge, save, and rule the world
  • Key Sections
  • Romans 13:1-7
  • 1 Timothy 2:1-4
  • 1 Peter 2:9-17
  • Theological Principles
  • 3 Circles (Creation, Fall, Gospel)
  • God is Sovereign over the Nations
  • Sin leads to Rebellion and Chaos
  • Jesus is “political” = JESUS IS LORD
  • God’s Kingdom = Already/Not Yet   

God and Government

  • Worship God (1 Peter 2:17)
  • Politics and Patriotism can be good gifts, but they are terrible gods. 
  • Danger of Politics as an Idol
  • Government is limited in power and scope.
  • Trust and Obey God’s Word
  • Pray for wisdom, peace, and salvation

Jesus and Politics

  • Jesus – as Savior and Lord – addresses our deepest needs (sin and death).
  • The Gospel critiques every group.
  • Jesus will build His church!
  • We will Proclaim and Display Jesus