Women's Ministry

Learn more about opportunities for women at Emmaus!

Wednesday evenings 6 PM-7:30 pm beginning September 7

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1. HOW MUCH MORE: Video Series by Lisa Harper

Lisa is a captivating, humorous storyteller and dynamic theological teacher with keen insight and wisdom. Discover God's divine love in the often overlooked and misunderstood passages. You’ll be delighted to find that Jehovah of the Old Testament is the same redemptive and compassionate God we see through Jesus Christ in the New Testament and in your life today.  He always has been, and will always be, working on your behalf in a personal and intentional way. This encouraging 7-8 week study will reinforce the message of God's great love and redemptive work through all of history and in your personal life today. See More--  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEcaqOYLXt8

Facilitated by Carol Noble   


A book study and small group discussion written by Gretchen Saffles

If you are feeling a bit parched or dry in your relationship with God, this book study will encourage you and offer practical ways to be ROOTED in truth, GROWING in grace and FLOURISHING in faith. The goal of the well-watered woman isn't to BE someone but to KNOW someone, our beloved Jesus Christ. You will be challenged to water the soil of your heart and life with His love and truth...establishing roots that run deep and withstand the storms of life. Discover how to draw from the true source of living water that never runs dry and to cultivate the soil of our lives to experience freedom, fullness and fruitfulness in Christ.  See More--  https://wellwateredwomen.com/book

Facilitated by Janis Rasnic

We value your participation and the opportunity to commune with other women as we foster friendships and community together.

Thursday - 9am-3pm - Prayer Quilt Ministry - The Karring Quilters create quilts for those in need of prayer, encouragement, and comfort due to trying life circumstances. During and after the quilts are made they are prayed over by the quilters and Emmaus members.


Worshiping with our friends and families

Growing in our faith through Bible study and discipleship opportunities

Living out our faith by serving in the church, at our jobs, and around the world



Gathering with women around the state for Worship and Missions

Teaming up with other Emmaus ministries for missions and special events

Trips and Retreats to get away and grow in our relationships with God and other women


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