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Covid-19 Updates

1/6/2021 UPDATE

· Sunday School and Preschool/Children's Ministry will restart January 31st

· Preschool, Kids, Students, and Adult Sunday School at 9:15am (we'll still have a 9:15am worship service as well, so some adult classes can meet at 10:45). 

· Extended Session Preschool (Birth - 3 yr olds) for the 10:45am service.

· Elevate Children's Church (Prek - 1st Grade) for the 10:45am service.

· Feb 3 - Meal and Midweek Groups on February 3rd 

· Wednesday Night Meal at 5pm

· Groups (list of groups available next week) from 6:00-7:30pm, including Preschool, Kids, and Students

***In order to start on these dates, we need people who can serve as volunteers for preschool and kids ministry. 

· Due to COVID, multiple volunteers have had to step away. 

· Please contact Amy ( or Courtney ( to find out how you can help. 


Message from Owen 11/19/20

We contacted you earlier this week with plans to cancel Sunday School and small groups from Nov 29th through Jan 3rd. 

At the time, we didn't know about Mayor Holt's press conference for today, in which he requested that organizations and citizens use the next 10 days to help slow the spread of the virus.

To honor the Mayor's request, we are going to move up the temporary cancellation of Sunday School to include this Sunday, November 22nd. 

I hate to do this, especially since we hoped to use this Sunday as a chance for groups to see each other one more time and to make plans for interaction over the holidays. However, in light of the Mayor's press conference, we think it's best for groups not to meet this week. 

  • A couple of notes for this Sunday:We will still have in-person worship options at 9:15am and 10:45am. We encourage everyone attending those gatherings to wear a maskalternate seating rows, and maintain 3 seats between family groups.
  • No Extended Session (nursery/preschool care) or Elevate (children's church) at either the 9:15 or 10:45 service.
  • Preschool through 6th Graders will have a chance to pick up Sunday School packets (and give their teachers a fist-bump) by coming to the Gym anytime between 10:15am and 10:45am. Ms. Courtney and Ms. Amy have made great packets for your kids, and I know several of their teachers will be here to help pass out the packets. 
  • The LiveStream (Facebook and YouTube) for this Sundaywill be for the 10:45am service (instead of 9:15am). We will likely return to 9:15 in future weeks, but needed to make the change for this coming Sunday in light of scheduling issues.

*As with so many things over the past year, this is an unwanted and unexpected decision that we're having to make. But we also recognize the incredible work being done by our public servants, many of whom attend Emmaus -- school teachers, staff, and administrators; nurses and doctors; police and fire; and on and on.

*Please give particular attention to the kids and students in your house and the older adults who live with and around you. The emotional impact on our kids is significant, and we know so many older adults are hurting right now from isolation and/or the virus affecting their friends. Let's rally around one another with love, encouragement, and support.  

More than ever we have a chance to proclaim and display Jesus! May we do that together in the weeks to come as we trust and serve the Lord each day.

-Dr. Owen Nease (580-658-0652)


1. No Sunday School from Nov 22 through Jan 3.

*Sunday School for all ages will not meet until (tentatively) Jan 10th. 

*Throughout the next several weeks, please make extra effort to contact the members of your class and encourage one another through texts, calls, and/or online meetings.

2. Sunday Morning Worship Gatherings continue at 9:15am and 10:45am

*Since we won't have Sunday School groups, there will be plenty of room to spread out in the worship center for both of the Worship Gatherings. Feel free to attend either the 9:15 or 10:45 service -- whichever works best for your situation.

*No Extended Care childcare (birth-3 yr old) or Elevate children's church (PreK - 1st grade) will be available from Nov 22 through Jan 3rd.

*We continue to encourage you to wear a mask, and we ask that everyone follow the signs on the aisles about alternate seating rows and maintaining distance between family groups

*We will continue to LiveStream the worship service through Facebook and YouTube. 

3. Business Meeting and State of the Church Address on Dec 9th

*November 18th will be the final Wednesday night meal and groups for this year.

*No groups/activities on campus for Nov 25th or Dec 2nd.

*On Dec 9th, we will have our Annual Budget Business Meeting and State of the Church Address at 6pm in the Worship Center. The budget will be available for review starting Sun, Nov 29th, and we will provide Q/A sessions (plus, you can always email/call Jim or Owen with questions).

*A hard copy and video of the State of the Church address will be available after Dec 9th.

4. Christmas Meal Bags

*We are continuing to collect Christmas meal bags in the main church lobby. If you are unable to get out and shop this year, but would like to participate, you can designate a portion of your giving to the Christmas Meal Bags.

*On December 13th, we won't have the "Hymns and Hot Chocolate" event that was previously planned.

*However, we ARE still planning to pass out the meal bags in our community.

*If you would like to help pass out the meal bags, please take 30 seconds to insert your name in this form. This will really help us as we make plans to distribute the bags. -