A short sermon series on Rest and Sabbath from Hebrews 4

Week 1 Sermon Notes - Hebrews 4:1-11 - Receive God's Rest

Jesus or Bust: Hebrews Sermon Series

How to Rest - Week 1 (Receive God's Rest)

Hebrews 4:1-11

1. Be Afraid of Missing God’s Rest

-Why? This is serious! 

-Why? Some in the past missed the Rest

-Why? Good News must be Believed

-Why? Time is limited

How do we enter this Rest? Faith

When is this Rest? Already / Not Yet

What is this Rest?

  • Eternal Life in His Presence
  • Present Experience of This Shalom

2. Believe that an Opportunity to Enter God’s Rest Exists

-The Bible says so

-”Today” still exists

Psalms / Numbers - People Didn’t Find Rest

Joshua - People Didn’t Find Rest

Genesis - Sabbath Rest available

Leviticus - Sabbath Rest available

Jesus - Fulfilled all the promises of Rest! 

3. Strive to Enter God’s Rest

-We are following Jesus!

-He is the Author

-He is the Pioneer

-Faithful Endurance

-Wise Obedience

-We do this together

True Life comes through Faith in Jesus 

based on God’s Word, 

empowered by God’s Spirit and God’s People, 

resulting in a life of 

Wise Obedience and Faithful Endurance.

Week 2 Sermon Notes - Hebrews 4:8-11 - Experience God's Rest (Sabbath)

Jesus or Bust: Hebrews Sermon Series

How to Rest - Week 2 (Experience God's Rest)

Hebrews 4:8-11



Listen to God's Wisdom (Daily and Weekly Rest)

List to Others who tell you to Rest


Don't rest simply to follow rules or traditions

Rest in order to Remember God and His Work in Your Life

Jesus is Better Than…

  • Angels - Hebrews 1 (Jesus’ Divinity)
  • Adam - Hebrews 2 (Jesus' Humanity)
  • Moses - Hebrews 3 (Jesus’ Faithfulness)
  • Joshua - Hebrews 4 (Jesus’ Rest)

Review of Hebrews 4:8-11

  • Joshua 21 - Joshua brought the people into the land and provided “rest”
  • …but this rest and land wasn’t ultimate or fulfilled
  • “Sabbatismos” - the author coined a ‘new’ word based on a verb for celebrating Sabbath
  • Rest from sin and celebration of salvation are based on Leviticus 16 (Day of Atonement)
  • Defining Rest
  • Already and Not Yet
  • Time and Space
  • Sabbath and Eden (Tabernacle, Promised Land, New Creation)
  • God’s Peace (Shalom) and Presence

Entering Sabbath Rest

Primary Meaning (Received):

  • Spiritual Rest - in Christ; sins forgiven
  • Eternal Rest - sin and death no more

Secondary Meaning (Experienced):

  • Daily/Regular Rest - Sabbath; shalom

Exploring Sabbath Rest

  • Common Questions
  • Can I mow the grass on Sunday?
  • Can we join a weekend sports team?
  • What if I have to work on Sunday?
  • Is the Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday?
  • Exodus 20:8-11
  • Deuteronomy 5:12-15
  • *The Sabbath is how Free People live. 

Sabbath = Remember and Rest

1. Remember Our Dependence (Creation)

Rest; Trust; Delight

*Our value isn’t found in being useful. 

*Our value comes from God as Creator and Father.

2. Remember Our Deliverance (Salvation)

Gather; Worship; Celebrate

3. Remember the Mission and Work (Church / Spirit)

Do Good; Pursue Justice and Holiness; Work from Rest

Experiencing Sabbath Rest

  • Stop Intentionally and Set Limits
  • Daily AND Weekly/Regular Rest
  • Learn from Others (Humility; Wisdom)

Rules? …or, Ruler?

So the Son of Man is Lord, even of the Sabbath. - Mark 2:28

  • Who is Lord of my life?
  • Who is Lord of my time

Week 3 Sermon Notes - Numbers 6:22-27 - Share God's Rest

Jesus or Bust: Hebrews Sermon Series

How to Rest - Week 3 (Share the Rest)

Numbers 6:22-27

Week 1 - Receive God’s Rest (UP)

  • Spiritual Rest and Eternal Rest in Christ
  • Romans 5:1 - Since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Week 2 - Experience God’s Rest (IN)

  • Sabbath and Shalom
  • “Remember to Rest”
  • “Rest in order to Remember”

Week 3 - Share God’s Rest (OUT)

Numbers 6:22-27

  • Structure
  • 1st line  = 3 words, 12 syllables, 15 consonants
  • 2nd line = 5 words, 14 syllables, 20 consonants
  • 3rd line  = 7 words, 16 syllables, 25 consonants
  • 15 Words
  • Divine Name repeated 3 times (Trinity?) – also see “Name” in verse 27
  • Twelve Remaining Words (12 Tribes of Israel?)
  • God performs 6 Actions, 2 per line 
  • 2nd action expands on (results from?) the 1st 
  • 1st line = God’s movement toward the people
  • 2nd line = the resulting blessing
  • Content
  • Bless and Keep - *Psalm 121
  • Shine His Face and Be Gracious
  • Life Up His Face (Pay Attention) and Give You Peace
  • Name = God’s Character and Covenant
  • Context
  • Concludes section about God’s people unified around His faithful character and presence 
  • Prepared the people for the journey ahead
  • Blessing was pronounced daily as part of the sacrificial offering

Blessed in order to Bless 

-We need to hear, receive, and experience God’s peace.

-Then, we can share this with others. 

1. God’s Blessing is modeled in Gathered Worship 

  1. Music, Prayer, and Preaching
  2. Before and After the Service

2. God’s Blessing permeates every area of Life, where you…

  1. Live - *especially with your children/grandchildren
  2. Learn
  3. Work 
  4. Play

3. God’s Blessing extends to the Nations

May God be gracious to us and bless us

     and make his face to shine upon us, 

that your way may be known on earth,

     your saving power among all nations. - Psalm 67

Pass the Peace

1. Speak God’s Peace

  1. Pray over Family and Friends
  2. Overflow with God’s Word and the Gospel

*Security; Joy; Attention

*Our words matter

2. Display God’s Peace

  1. Be a Peacemaker 
  2. Be a Non-Anxious Presence

3. B.L.E.S.S. Others (based on a popular book with this title)

  1. Begin with Prayer
  2. Listen with Care
  3. Eat Together
  4. Serve in Love
  5. Share the Story