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Sermon Notes

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The Book of Daniel // Week 4 // Daniel's Faithfulness // Daniel 1:8

*Key Word - Resolved

-We must resolve to be holy and faithful to God in the midst of exile. This is possible because of God’s faithful love, salvation, and power.  

Enculturation Process

-new education, food, culture

-new names / new identity 

-pull of gravity (to conform)

What helped Daniel and his friends remain resolved and faithful?

-preparation from childhood (beliefs; practices)


-God’s grace and presence


How to Prepare for an Uncertain Future

  1. Confidence in God and the Gospel
  2. What is my core identity? 
  3. What is my hope for the future?
  4. Commitment to Holiness
  5. Food / Treatment of Body and Mind
  6. Sexual Holiness
  7. Not worshipping other gods
  8. Living with Faith and Wisdom
  9. Complete Faithfulness Today to What God has put in front of You
  10. Seek the good of the city
  11. Allow God to use you 
  12. Allow God to direct your steps

The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to pursue holiness today and be perfectly faithful to what God has put in front of you.


  1. What sources of education and culture influenced you growing up? What influences you today?
  2. What determines your confidence in God and the Gospel?
  3. What are some areas of holiness that you've been neglecting? How specifically can you start addressing them?
  4. How can we encourage each other to remain faithful?
  5. How specifically can we pray and care for each other this week?