Sermon Notes

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5.15.22 On the Way: The Gospel of Mark | Mark 3:31-35 | The Family of God

Jesus defines His Family by Faith.

1. Jesus’ Family struggled with Faith

  • Will they follow the path of the religious leaders?
  • Will they stay outside like the crowd?

2. Jesus Redefined Family around Faith in Him

  • Being with Him
  • Doing God’s Will
  • Responding to Him in Faith

3. Jesus’ Family later came to have Faith

  • John 19:25; Acts 1:14; 1 Cor. 9:5
  • Don’t give up on your family; Faith takes time to grow

4. Jesus Defined His Church with the Picture of Family

  • Brothers and Sisters in Christ
  • Household of Faith
  • Honoring Families, without Worshiping Family
  • *Valuing Singles and All Ages
  • Deacons as Servants of the Church
  • *Caring for Widows and Families

*Have you responded to Jesus in faith, confessing Him as Lord and trusting in Him as Savior?

*How is God leading you to pray for and honor your family?

*How is God leading you to connect with and encourage the church family? 

   -Singles - how can you encourage marriages?

   -Married - how can you encourage singles?

   -Parents/Children - how can you encourage one another?