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Sermon Notes

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The Book of Daniel // Week 1 // Exile // Daniel 1:1-3

Week 1 (Apr 11) = Exile

Week 2 (Apr 18) = Babylon

Week 3 (Apr 25) = God’s Faithfulness

Week 4 (May 2) = Daniel’s Faithfulness



Exile in Daniel

  • Southern Kingdom (Judah)
  • Babylon; Nebuchadnezzar
  • 605BC - Daniel and friends exiled 
  • 586BC - destruction of temple

Exile in Scripture

  • Adam, Eve, and Garden
  • Joseph (Abraham’s descendants)
  • God made Covenant Promises
  • God sent Prophets
  • Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel
  • Prodigal Son parable
  • Jesus’ Ministry and the Church

How to Live in Exile - Philippians 3:17-21

  1. Look to Exile’s End and Stand Firm (20-21)
  2. Christ’s victory over exile enemies of sin and death
  3. Christ’s return to transform our lives and restore the Home
  4. Remember Your Heavenly Citizenship
  5. Look to Exile Examples and Walk Faithfully (18-19)
  6. Not living for accumulation or consumption in this world
  7. Not giving into despair or withdrawal
  8. Pursue holiness, peace, joy, contentment, and good works
  9. Learn from exiles and minority groups

*Who you listen to while in exile makes all the difference*


  1. Where is home for you? Have you ever lived somewhere else that also feels like "home?"
  2. In what ways can today's Christians relate to those exiled in Daniel?
  3. What does it mean to remember your heavenly citizenship?
  4. How can we encourage each other this week?
  5. How specifically can we pray and care for each other this week?