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Sermon Notes

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What is the Gospel? | Week 6 | Galatians 3:1-5 | A Faithful Gospel

The Progression

  1. See Jesus and the Cross
  2. Have Faith in Jesus
  3. Receive God’s Spirit
  4. Experience Power and Miracles
  5. Suffer and Experience Many Things
  6. Continue in Faith to the End

The Deception

  • Bewitched / Fascinated by something else
  • Requirement of Works of the Law (circumcision)
  • Living by the “flesh,” not Spirit-empowered faith
  • What might this look like today?
  • Allure of “Something Else” or “Something More”
  • Pride / Control
  • Focus on externals
  • Focus on the past

The Answer

*What Began with Faith, Must Continue in Faith

-In my life, will I continue in faith empowered by God’s Spirit?

-In my marriage and family, will we continue in faith? 

-In our church, will we continue in faith? 

-In 2020, will we continue in faith? 

The Path Forward

  1. Remember the Gospel 
  2. Remember how your story started
  3. Continue looking to Christ
  4. Preach the Gospel to Yourself Daily
  5. Read the Bible (*Abraham in 3:6-22)
  6. Connect with the Church

a.    Mutually Encourage One Another's Faith

b.    Surround yourself with people who won’t let you give up on what God is doing

4.    Be Filled with the Spirit

a.    Humility and Holiness

b.    Stay tuned for the remainder of Galatians!


  1. How specifically, can you respond to this passage?
  2. How can we be praying for each other this week?