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Sermon Notes

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The Gift of Limits | Week 4 Limited Relationships | Colossians 4:5-18

I. Foundation

  1. Paul’s Relationships in Colossians 4
  2. God’s Unlimited Relationships
  3. Trinity - God is Eternally Relational and Loving
  4. Created all people in His image.
  5. Created us for worship and relationship.
  6. Knows every person in every place.
  7.   LImited Human Relationships
  8. Created for relationship with God and others.
  9. Family, People Groups, Friendship, Polis, Humanity
  10. Limited in number of direct relationships.
  11. Sin distorts our relationships.
  12. Jesus restores our Relationship with God and Others.
  13. Salvation happens individually.
  14. Also, salvation draws us into relationships with others.

*How do we live as the people of God when we’re only able to handle a certain number of relationships?

II. Limited Relationships

***Helpful to Think in Concentric Circles

  • Dunbar’s theory of 5, 15, 50, 150, 500, 1500
  • Exodus 18 (Jethro and Moses)
  • Old Testament census groupings
  • Jesus’ pattern // 2 Timothy 2:2

  1. Love Widely
  2. Love everyone created in God’s image
  3. Pray for and love the worldwide Church
  4. Commit Closely
  5. Live (Neighborhood) / Learn / Work / Play
  6. Church 
  7. Importance of Church Membership
  8. Partners with Other Churches
  9. Invest Intentionally
  10. Home 
  11. Hospitality - unselfish love
  12. Marriage - undivided love
  13. Kids - unconditional love
  14. Small Group; Focused Discipleship
  15. Grow Personally with an Eternal Perspective


  1. Why do we need relationships?
  2. What can we learn from God’s unlimited relationships?
  3. What do you see and learn from Jesus’ relationships? 
  4. What can you do this week to invest in your relationships?
  5. How can we be praying for each other this week?