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Sermon Notes

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The Book of Daniel | Week 9 | Daniel 4

The Book of Daniel | Week 9 | Daniel 4

The Book of Daniel // Week 9

God Humbles the Proud // Daniel 4

Main Theme: God’s Sovereignty

  • Praise the Lord who holds all things together, rules all kingdoms, and provides life and every good gift. 
  • Boast only in the Cross of Jesus Christ. He provided salvation through His humility, not pride!

Sub-Theme: Humble Yourselves

  • Where does pride show up?
  • Successes, possessions, comfort
  • Crippling anxiety that comes from thinking we’re in control of too much
  • Focusing on our weaknesses, self-doubts 

“Humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less.”

  • What is the Path to Humility?
  • God gets our attention
  • Dreams
  • Glimpses of an outcome
  • Success not fulfilling
  • Gifts or success being stripped away
  • Someone speaking into your life
  • Reaching the end of your rope
  • God changes where we look
  • No longer to self or down on others
  • But UP to God 
  • God changes how we view things and treat others
  • Everything we have is FROM God
  • Everything we have is FOR God
  • Humility before God causes us to be humble, loving, and patient toward others.


  1. How specifically can we pray and care for each other this week?