Emmaus Kids

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Emmaus Kids Ministry at Emmaus Baptist Church, exists to support our church’s mission in the lives of children and their families through our “Up, In, Out” focus. Every time kids walk through our doors, our prayer and intention is that they learn to worship their Creator, grow in relationship with their Savior, and serve others through God’s love.

Emmaus (pronounced ee·may·us) is a city in Judea. Two friends walked to Emmaus and met Jesus along the way but didn’t recognize Him. When Jesus blessed the meal, they realized they had been speaking with the one they had seen crucified. Their wonder of their Savior, stirred up a passion in them to share their experiences with those around them. Their lives were changed forever.


In everything we do as Emmaus Kids, we want to point children and their families back to Christ. In partnership with parents, our prayer is that our kids see God as the truth their lives can be built on, and in turn, their lives will proclaim and display all He has done for them.