Choir Resources

Upcoming Choir Special Resources

We understand not everyone is able to attend every rehearsal. We hope these resources will accommodate you and give you the confidence to join us!

Lyric Sheet, Sheet Music & Vocal Rehearsal Tracks

We know many of you learn by ear rather than reading Sheet Music. Please check out the "Lyric Sheet" and the Rehearsal Tracks. Due to the lack of produced learning tracks with our songs we create our own. The audio quality may be a bit raw but it will be sufficient for you to practice on your own. Click on the part below to download and listen. 

AND PLEASE REMEMBER, if learning and singing a part proves too difficult sing the melody with confidence and it will sound great! 

Sunday, Feb 18th - "Come Behold The Wondrous Mystery"

EASTER Sunday, Mar 31st - "What He's Done"

Sunday, Apr 21st - "All Creatures (Sing the Harmony)"